We Love Alcohol

It is no wonder why so many people drink. It allows us to live within a circus snowglobe. Alcohol plays with our senses and bends time. We feel like we are both speeding things up while within the moment and slowing things down afterward.  It dumbs us consciously and numbs the brain of all reality and responsibility. The thing is we love alcohol despite knowing that. 

I am no prude. I have partied just as hard as you and probably even harder. When I started to see my fellow Berklee mates achieve levels of success that I hadn't reached yet, I started to question if partying played a role in my delay. It had. 

When I started to meditate regularly my life naturally transformed into a more sober life. With sober living, my senses became heightened and awareness expanded. I would download creativity and produce work upon work too quickly to know what to do with all of it. As I would go back to the breath to stabilize my creative flow, I would receive more channeled information. To this day, I have novels of information that I have yet to do something with.

The challenge is that sober living can be too overwhelming for us. Alcohol breaks up the creative process. Alcohol allows us to lower our standards too. In many ways, alcohol keeps us from our X-Men abilities. It is no wonder alcohol is legal and psychedelic drugs aren't. Imagine the world where everyone was channeling creativity 24/7? Everyone would be their own God or light source. 

We love alcohol because we know that we are extremely powerful beings. We are petrified of that power. Those who aren't afraid live in continual joyful manifestation.

Maybe what we try to do is stop loving alcohol and start loving ourselves as superheroes. I for one think superheroes are pretty cool and plan to totally live as one, like right now.